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Is Instagram’s Threads a threat to twitter?

In this innovative world, new and updated Technologies have knocked the door over the years.
After Instagram the Founder & CEO of Meta Mark Zukerberg has come up with another social
media app introduced recently which is named as “Instagram’s Threads”.
It is also famous as a Clone to Twitter. It is a text based social networking/messaging app where
user can scroll or search the current events & stories that categorize subjects. Though Threads
is another stand-alone app launched by Meta but unlike other apps such as Hello, Boomerang,
Paper, Slingshot, Moments etc., the action to integrate the app with Instagram will give a Jazz
up to the new app in terms of Sign-ups which was leaked in the previously launched apps due
to which they had been suffered a shut down. Also, Meta’s new app ‘Threads” will also attract
audience who left twitter because of some controversies or catastrophe.
Users can sign-up through their Instagram Account using same login credentials, profile name
also it will send messages to your followers on Instagram to follow them on Threads. And
likewise, it will be an easy access or presence at new app. The best part is that the app will
have creator control and account safety feature also it is available on IOS (Apple App Store) &
Android (Google Play Online Store) for free.
I hope this article will help you to understand about the new app in short and precise way.
Thanks for reading this article.

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